Well, the second day of Quo Vadis was a complete success!! We had a great day with a few
surprises. Some of the seminarians and men started the day off with a nice run around 7:30am.
Breakfast followed and Morning Prayer.

The men gathered in the chapel for prayer with adoration, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation
was offered. Fr. Tyler Bandura played a video called Fishers of Men. The topic was about how
Jesus calls us as Priests and Catholic Men to go out and bring others to Christ.

After lunch, we had a surprise visit from Bishop Kulick and a visiting Bishop, The Most Reverend
Pedro Bustamante, Bishop of our sister Diocese of Sicuani, Peru. They stopped and talked to the
seminarians, and men discerning.

Finally, the big event was the annual WATER BALOON BATTLE!! The men finally had the water
balloon battle, and it was seminarians against the camp participants.

We had a visit from Fr. Mark Dunmire, who spoke about the Son of the Father. The evening was
wrapped up by a revenant Mass celebrated by newly ordained Fr. Chris Pujol. The Mass was by
candlelight only in the chapel.

~Kevin Richardson
Seminarian, Diocese of Greensburg