Quo Vadis 2021, Day 3

July 20, 2021

Monseigneur James Gaston joined us Tuesday morning for the celebration of Mass. He shared with us parts of his discernment journey and various thoughts about the Universal Church.

We all enjoyed our surprise lunch which turned out to be Chick-fil-A with Bishop Kulick. After lunch, we engaged in a fun-spirited water balloon battle, which is one of the hallmark activities of QVD. With only 3,000 water balloons, the completion only lasted about two hours!

We then enjoyed some ice cream sandwiches to cool us off and give us more energy to finish the evening.  After we enjoyed dinner, we spent our last night together outside relaxing around the camp fire and played some games with each of us internally hoping to be a part of the ultimate winning team for ultimate frisbee.

We started the conclusion of our night with a Eucharistic procession that took us to five spots where we stopped to adore our Lord and reflect on five different scripture passages. We concluded our night with night prayer and all night Adoration, where each of us took an hour time slot to be with our Lord.  We will complete the time of Adoration Wednesday morning after breakfast. We were all personally hoping that we would remember/be able to wake up for our slot!