Quo Vadis 2021, Day 1

July 18, 2021

After enjoying a meal together with us, our families departed and our small groups presented skits in which we revealed our group names. Seminarian Zach gave an explanation of the Liturgy of the Hours, before we prayed Evening Prayer as a group. Zach shared with us that the Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer which Christ, together with His Body the Church, addresses to the Father.  

After dinner, at which we were joined by Father Douglas Dorula and Monsignor James Gaston, Seminarian Andrew presented a talk. He reminded us that our purpose is to know, love and serve God in this life to be with Him forever in the next life. We exist for something bigger than ourselves! Andrew encouraged us that it is possible to become holy even when we’re surrounded by temptation. The Church gives us all we need, and Joseph is a great role model.

As evening fell, we enjoyed a campfire with s’mores, and a few spirited games of Ultimate Frisbee.

We then moved our attention to the Rosary. Seminarian Craig demonstrated to us what it means to meditate upon the Mysteries of the Rosary: to use our imaginations to place ourselves on the scene of those remarkable moments recorded in Scripture.

Our candlelit Rosary procession took us from the campfire circle, all the way into the St. Joseph Chapel, where we concluded our Sunday with Night Prayer.